An Elegant Nikkah Ceremony

An Elegant Nikkah Ceremony
We are excited to share with you our latest KYNAH bride, Shazeen! Shazeen knew she wanted to keep her Nikkah ceremony outfit elegant, understated, and simple. Our founder Aisha was able to put together a few looks before Shazeen settled on this classic white sari, with sheer embroidered sleeves that gave her an effortlessly stylish look. We think the subltle floral embellishments on Shazeen's sari perfectly complimented all the white floral decor at her Nikkah.  Congrats to you and your husband(/bestfriend), Shazeen! 

What was your experience like working with KYNAH for your wedding?
I absolutely loved working with Aisha! She was so helpful in making my vision come to life with all of my outfits. We had to reschedule our wedding due to the pandemic, and Aisha did everything she could to ensure I had the most beautiful sari to wear for my Nikkah. Her suggestions for how to make the outfit perfect for me were absolutely amazing. Aisha is so talented in what she does, and I felt amazing wearing this sari!

Why did you choose this style for your custom sari?
I definitely wanted to wear a traditional white sari for my wedding. After sending her some pictures of what I liked, Aisha provided a lot of different styles of white outfits for me to choose from & customize. After deciding on this sari, Aisha provided her suggestions on what she thought would look and feel best for me. She took the time to understand what I wanted and was able to get me the most perfect sari for my wedding. This white silk sari with white embroidery was exactly what I had imagined wearing for my Nikkah ceremony.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme/aesthetic?
We wanted the Nikkah to be simplistic. We wanted to respect the importance and meaning of the ceremony, so we decided to have simple decor. My sari was perfect for this! The white embroidery on my blouse was beautiful and the sari itself was also simple with a stunning border. After having conversations with Aisha, she knew exactly what I was looking for to match the theme.

Did you enjoy planning your wedding?
My husband & I made every decision together as we planned our wedding (he was the real wedding planner!). We were disappointed when we couldn't have the big wedding we had planned and imagined with all of our friends and family in December 2020. We wanted to ensure everyone's safety and decided to do our ceremony with just our immediate family. It was the most perfect day and we were lucky enough to have all of our loved ones on Zoom to share the moment with us. I am hoping for a 2021 celebration when I can wear all of my other Kynah outfits!

What were you most looking forward to on your big day?
I was looking forward to finally marrying my best friend after being together for almost 11 years! We had always imagined this day and were excited to start this new journey together. Even though it wasn't what we had always thought it would be, it was still perfect. We were looking forward to sharing this moment with our immediate family & we were so grateful to have everyone we love there with us virtually.

Decor: Kismet
Photo: Global Photography
Mehndi: Henna by Amita

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