Bridal FAQ

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We're thrilled you are considering KYNAH for your trousseau! 

KYNAH Bridal Process

Step 1: In person appointment or Virtual Consult Call

We are currently offering in-person appointments at our Los Angeles Pop Up or Virtual Consults, feel free to book an appointment here This is a great option for brides who are ready to finalize their KYNAH look but need help narrowing down options or customizing it! We will help answer any questions and show you style options as well. 

Step 2: Customizations, Measurements, and Ordering  

After the call or visit, we will send you over the list of items you liked during your appointment. 

In person: In store, we will take your measurements and help finalize any changes or details of your order. If you want to wait, we can book a follow-up call with you to finalize your order. 

Virtual: Once you are ready to place an order, we will send you our custom measurements form which will be required per style as well as require a list of any desired changes per piece. 

Please note that no changes can be made to your outfit once your design has been finalized and we do not put the outfit into production until all details - color, cut, payments, and measurements - are provided.

Step 3: Payment 

Next, we will send you over an invoice for your pieces. We require payments upfront, or in installments via Affirm

Step 4: Contract + Production  

Once the payment is received, we will send you over a contract which details all changes, delivery timelines, and policies for your review. We will then put your piece into production. We will be quiet during this time, but rest assured we will be working on your dream piece! 

Step 5: Alterations   

While your outfit is in production we recommend doing some research on a tailor prior. Although we will be making our outfit to your current measurements, you should anticipate needing minor alterations to get the perfect fit. This is a standard part of the bridal outfit process across the industry that most women aren’t aware of when they are purchasing their product. Please note KYNAH does not pay for alterations so when figuring out your budget it is best to keep this in mind. 

Step 6: Get Married! 

How far in advance should I begin wedding shopping? 

In order to ensure you leave enough time for decision making and accessorizing, we recommend that you begin browsing 9-12 months in advance of your wedding date, purchasing no later than 5 months in advance of your wedding date. 5 months prior to your wedding is the absolute latest we recommend placing your order. 

Order Timelines

Wedding Date Recommended Order Date
January September
February October
March November
April December
May January
June February
July March
August April
September May
October June
November July
December August


What is the difference between shopping designer collections from KYNAH and directly from the designer?

Our HQ is in LA so not only can we be in your time zone but also understand your preferences and can help you get to your dream look. Also, we have our own quality check team in India that helps triple check everything to ensure it is exactly what you ordered. See more details about this here.

Can you show me other KYNAH brides? 

We feature some of our KYNAH brides on our Bridal Blog here

How long do your bridal pieces take? 

Most bridal pieces take at least 2-4 months to produce. We recommend having them in your hands at least 2 months before your wedding to allow you ample time to accessorize and tailor if needed. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We partner with Affirm to provide payment plans for our customers to best suit their needs.

Where are you located? Can I come in to try on the outfit?  

We are currently having an appointment only Los Angeles and NYC pop-up! Feel free to book an appointment here

Do you customize?

Yes! We are able to customize the color, cut, and measurements of most of our bridal range above $1000. We do not do fully custom styles.

Who designs the outfits? 

KYNAH is a collective of 20 different designers around India. Which means we have access to all 20 designers full range for bridal pieces. 

Can you make a replica of another designer? 

We do not create replicas of other designers. 

How does KYNAH ensure my outfit will fit? 

We make all bridal outfits to your measurements provided to avoid major alterations. That being said, you should still anticipate needing alterations to get the perfect fit. This is standard in the wedding outfit process. 

Have any other questions? Please email us at and we would be happy to assist you.