A Daytime Engagement Ceremony in Los Angeles

A Daytime Engagement Ceremony in Los Angeles
Congratulations to the original KYNAH Bride and our founder's sister, Sasha Rawji on her engagement! On a perfectly sunny California day, Sasha chose to wear the Luna Gown, giving her a bridal effect while not overwhelming her petite frame. The Luna gown was the perfect balance of classy and elegant!

What attracted you to the Luna Gown?
I tend to play it safe with my outfits and style in general, but my sister Aisha always pushes me to try new patterns and styles and has (obviously) a great sense of style. She encouraged me to look at outfits that would stand out more and not blend into the crowd... After all, it was my engagement! The Luna Gown was perfect for me because the straps and neckline were flattering for my petite shape but also had a long train that made it feel very bridal and elegant at the same time.
If you had to choose another style, what would it be and why?
The Brigitte Lehenga is something that was released after my engagement but I love the color and the mix of pearls and metallic. It's so beautiful!
What is one piece of advice you have for other petite girls on wedding shopping?
I went into wedding shopping thinking I'd only like particular styles or colors, and ended up trying on a bunch of other outfits that looked way better on me. I'd say knowing what you like is important, but also being open to trying on what the stylist suggests. Fit is crucial for petite girls and stylists can help pick outfits that don't overpower you. I was so happy that my sister encouraged me to try on other outfits - I now have all of my dream wedding outfits!
What was it like planning a pandemic wedding?
So stressful! It's tough planning an Indian wedding, let alone one in a pandemic. You definitely have to be more patient with yourself and try to focus on the things you can control. We are hoping for a 2021 celebration, but I know that whatever we end up doing - I'm obsessed with all of my outfits (all Kynah, of course) and wouldn't change a thing! I can't wait to finally wear them.

On Sasha: The Luna Gown

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