A Glamorous Engagement Adventure in the Pacific North West

A Glamorous Engagement Adventure in the Pacific North West
If you're about to do an outdoor engagement shoot take notes from KYNAH bride, Noopur Chhabra! As soon as Noopur shared her pictures we fell in love with her easy, outdoorsy and still super glam photoshoot. We are absolutely obsessed with the way she styled the Pricilla Sari! She wore this gorgeous emerald green ruffle sari with white sneakers for the ultimate cool girl effect. We thought the Pricilla Sari perfectly tied in the greenery from the great outdoors, while still giving her a chic and fun look. Keep reading to find about Noopur and Sahil's crazy adventurous photoshoot, involving a kayak, a sprained ankle, and a beautiful couple. Congrats on your engagement Noopur and Sahil, we can't wait to see what you have in store for the big day! 
What was your experience like working with KYNAH for your engagement look?
We moved to the Seattle area for 3 months for a summer by the lake. At the last minute, we decided to have a shoot before we left. I sent Aisha my crazy request - "Hi, can you outfit me for a shoot in less than 2 weeks?" Aisha hoped on the phone, asked about my preferred looks and styles and absolute deal breakers. She quickly shared over 30-40 options, and mailed me a few of my favorited looks with multiple jewelry options. She even sent an outfit from her personal collection, stating that if I preferred that, she'd get me a piece in time. Of course, I found the perfect outfit with the perfect earrings because the KYNAH team truly wants all their brides to feel like the best version of themselves, no matter how quick the turnaround would be.
What attracted you to the Pricilla Sari?
The emerald green in the Pricilla Sari was the PERFECT color against the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest. I also loved that the outfit was flowy, sexy, easy to move in, yet incredibly elegant. It felt like the perfect amount of sparkly and formal, while still being playful.
What was the theme of your engagement shoot?
Sahil is the adventurous one of the two of us and I'm the LA girl that likes pretty things. We wanted our engagement shoot to replicate our relationship - a little adventure, a lot of laughs, and a sense of ease, while also honoring the PNW that became such an important part of our journey! Big trees, blue skies, and of course, our only asset at the time, our kayak.

What was the inspiration behind the kayak pictures? 
Given Covid, we spent our time outside on hikes. I unfortunately sprained my ankle early in our trip, so kayaking was a fun, outdoor activity I could do seated! One sunny Saturday, we were on the lake in our kayak, dreaming up the idea for an engagement shoot. As a joke we said, how funny would it be to be fully decked out on our kayak, just enjoying a normal day? It was a little ridiculous, but felt just us. After the initial shock of our request, our photographer was fully on board. We had lots of spectators cheering us on and also getting a good laugh at the two of us carrying our kayak to the river and trying to stay afloat without tipping over without life jackets. In reflecting on our PNW adventure, the kayak was such an important example of us making the best of a situation, and we feel so happy we decided to incorporate it into our shoot!
What is one piece of advice you have for other brides to be on their engagement shoots?
In the end, you'll take hundreds of pictures and probably only ever use 5-10, so take it easy! So many things went wild - I had a sprained ankle, my outfit was 6 inches too long, the path to the river was closed, but nothing some sneaks, safety pins and a little climbing over rocks couldn't solve. Put your phones away, and just enjoy the moment! You only get a few of these chances with your person to do something like this, so just have fun with it, remember that you're about to marry the love of your life, and don't worry about every shot being perfect. Get the few you really really want, and then just be present and have fun!
Photographer: Fika Foto
Hair & Makeup: Dangg Bangg
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