Where to shop for Indian Bridal Wear in the USA

Where to shop for Indian Bridal Wear in the USA

It's official! Wedding planning is underway and while wedding planning has turned out to be stressful at times, seeking out a place to shop for Indian clothes in the USA has turned out to be even more stressful. 

Well, allow us to introduce ourselves! We are KYNAH, a Los Angeles based South Asian e-commerce clothing brand. KYNAH was founded in 2017 with a vision to redefine the way women customize, shop and wear Indian attire. Specializing in Guest, Resort and Bridal wear, KYNAH is more than a shopping destination - it's a personalized experience.

KYNAH came about because I grew up in awe of the women who shopped in my Mom's clothing store, RAAZ in the 90's. I was not only amazed by the movement, colors and jewels from the ornate pieces, but also by the way ladies from all walks of life transformed when wearing a lehenga or a sari. 


What makes KYNAH different? Put simply, we have great taste, customer service, high quality clothing, and can relate to you. We're a group of young girls, attending weddings, getting engaged and married so we are up-to-date on all the latest and understand all the ups-and-downs of Indian wedding shopping. We are constantly creating everything from lehengas to saris and curating collections from our favorite up-and-coming designers like Papa Don't Preach or Seema Gujral

Don't just take the great customer service from us though, checkout our 100+ reviews written by our valued customers.  

What is your bridal process like? Since getting married is one of the days of your life (if not the most important), we make the process personal to you

Step 1: Virtual Bridal Consult We spend 30 minutes on a zoom call getting to you know you, more about the event, and your style. You can show us some inspo you've found that will help guide us to the right look. We even show you some looks we have in stock to give you an idea of what is doable and educate you a bit on Indian outfits! You can book a consult here
Step 2: Personalized Lookbook After the call, we put our heads together and curate a personalized lookbook just for you based on our discussion. It usually takes a few rounds, but this is really the best way to help start narrowing down some looks. 
Step 3: Customizations We work with you to get the look just right by customizing the cut, colors, and measurements to you. 


Why should I shop with KYNAH and not shop for my bridal wear in India or directly with the designer? 

  1. We have our own quality check team! You know that crippling fear you have of ordering a really expensive outfit online and it showing up and being completely different than what you ordered? Well we are here to help! We have our own quality check team based in India that checks the measurements, design, colors, etc to make sure it is exactly what you ordered before it leaves India. We even give you a little preview before it leaves!
  2. Shopping in India isn't...actually all you would imagine it to be I know, I know this is an unpopular opinion but take it from me, someone who spends 2-3 months in India a year. We have this dream that we will land in Delhi and go to the first shop and find our dream look! Unfortunately it usually doesn't happen that way and the designers are usually not at the shops. After all the costs and stress of traveling to India, shopping online can actually be a lot better.
  3. We offer at home trials Want to shop with us but want to see a piece at home first to get an idea of our work? Then this is definitely the route for you! Any payments that go toward the at home trial can be used toward an order with us...so it basically ends up free. The first step is to book a virtual consult. 

Want to see some more reviews and bridal features? Checkout our KYNAH Bridal Blog with photos and stories from real brides!

Ready to start? Book a bridal consult with us here. 

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you find your dream look!




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