The Kaftan That Every Influencer Loves

The Kaftan That Every Influencer Loves

Introduced in KYNAH's Spring 2019 collection, the Sabrina Kaftan has since taken the world by storm. Made of flowing layers of soft chiffon, decorated with gold foil floral designs, and finished with delicate hand embroidery, this kaftan creates an ethereal vibe perfect for any wedding or event. 

What is a kaftan? A kaftan (or caftan) is believed to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia and is a loose-fitting robe or tunic. In the early '60s, kaftans started appearing in high fashion in designer collections like Dior and Balenciaga. Over time kaftans have become a symbol of exoticism and bohemian lifestyle.

At KYNAH, we have adopted this style and brought it into Indian and Pakistani Fashion - the first of their kind. See our full collection of Kaftans here.

See how different bloggers have styled the Sabrina Kaftan around the world: 

Ami Desai (@amidesai) in the Sabrina Kaftan

Ami Desai in the Pink Chiffon Kaftan

Deepica Mutyala (@deepica) in the Sabrina Kaftan

 Deepica Mutyala Pink Chiffon Kaftan

Orange Chiffon Kaftan

@the_zlist in the Sanya Kaftan 

Gray Chiffon Kaftan

KYNAH Chiffon Kaftans

 Maroon Chiffon Gold Kaftan

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