Meet KYNAH girl: Raveena Aurora

Meet KYNAH girl: Raveena Aurora

Meet Raveena Aurora, Indian-American R&B / soul singer on the rise. Since graduating NYU, Raveena has released several singles and can be found on almost every R&B playlist on Spotify. Most recently, her mystical music was played during the Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week runway show, what a dream. I had the pleasure of meeting her for a rainy-day coffee date, talking about our dreams for 2018, and how it is crazy that there is not another South Asian woman at the top of the music space. I have no doubt she is going to be the first. She has an ethereal vibe to her, so at peace with the world, and her own space which translates into her beautiful music and music videos. I'm excited to see her career skyrocket. 




on her style inspiration

Definitely a combination of 70’s Bollywood, Soul Train, old school r&b divas like Diana Ross and Minnie Riperton, mixed in with whatever’s kind of trendy right now. For me, it’s important that my style is super colorful and also kind of magical - like making slightly odd or more costume inspired choices rather than something you would wear everyday.

on incorporating her South Asian roots into her style 

Incorporating my South Asian roots was probably the most important aspect of really coming into my own style. I grew up around the over-the-top jewelry (passing down really beautiful vintage pieces is a big tradition in my family), bindis, rainbow fabrics and me and my family would always go to see the wildly colorful Bollywood movies at the theatre every month. I find the style of India very vibrant and positive, which is why it feels natural to incorporate it into my music.

on the best part of her career 

Meeting the beautiful people who listen to my music, and being able to connect with so many creative, genius collaborators who are equally passionate and crazy about what they do. Also, trying to create new bodies of work that you feel like is your best yet and you’re pushing yourself to be the greatest artist you can be, is so inspiring and nourishing to the soul.

raveena's favorite places in NYC

All the bridges and parks by the water are my favorite places to walk and think and watch the sun go down. I really love this little random park near Two Bridges area of Lower Manhattan. I always have really beautiful summer memories from there. Punjab Deli on 1st and 1st is definitely the best spot to eat and one of the most comforting places for me in NY. I also really love going really far Upper West Side to the parks in the summer by the Hudson River. Also revisiting the Indian restaurants in Richmond Hill / Jackson Heights and watching the planes take off from JFK in tiny parks in Queens always makes me so happy.



Photos taken by Gianna Hayes @Hazey___

Raveena is wearing our Kaia Blouse, Sabena Lengha, and Seema Jacket 



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