KYNAH Founder shares what she wears to Indian Weddings as a guest

KYNAH Founder shares what she wears to Indian Weddings as a guest

This post has been 2.5 years in the making and I am SO excited to share this! Since starting KYNAH I've dissected the Indian wedding fashion trends both in America and in India, I've spent hours in the studios figuring out what women would want to wear and most of all I've mastered the art of being an Indian wedding guest (let's just say, I went to 9 weddings in 2019 and 5 of them were Indian weddings...). 

So it was only time that I shared what I've learned about trends and what is appropriate for each event. 

The Sangeet

I know this is cliché but my favorite event of an Indian wedding weekend is definitely the sangeet. It is a huge dancing party with bright colors and lots of Bollywood music, two of my favorite things. I almost always opt for a lehenga for two reasons: 1) If you are performing in the dances, it is by far the easiest to manage  2) You can dance the night away and look like a mess toward the end of the night but still look amazing! 

Anita Lehenga For this lehenga I was inspired by the Emmys 2019 red and pink trend that stuck in my head for so long. It was a classic Indian color combo that I hadn't seen in years so I wanted to create it as a sangeet look for a wedding in Los Angeles. 

Red and Pink Lengha

Juliette Lehenga I wore this look to a friend's wedding in New Jersey. I knew that the decor theme was going to be bold Bollywood with street food from all over India so I wanted a bright look but with a modern cut. This look was especially great because I didn't feel like I was revealing too much.

Off Shoulder Blue Lengha

Delilah Lehenga One of our best selling looks, this lehenga can be made in any color. 

Off Shoulder Yellow Lengha

Flower Power Lengha When we were creating the KYNAH x Masaba collection, I instantly fell in LOVE with this lengha. I love bright colors, as you can probably already tell, but I especially love a good sleeve. This set is 3 pieces with a skirt, blouse, and mini bolero on top that you can take off once the party gets started. A great alternative to a dupatta. 

Masaba Gupta Pink Lengha


The Ceremony I always feel that the ceremony is the most difficult event to choose an outfit for. You want to be dressed up but not overly covered that you are sweating profusely. That is where our best-selling kaftans come in handy - they are loose-fitting and SO comfortable to sit through one of those 6-hour ceremonies. See all of our recommendations here

Gray Indian Outfit Kaftan

The Reception 

I am a notorious dark-color reception dresser. I think it is the New Yorker in me that always treats the reception as a black-tie event. I love going a bit more modern for these looks versus the traditional route and dressing it up with some glamourous jewelry. 

Noor Lengha This wedding reception in Houston, TX was at the aquarium so I knew I wanted to go for a more glam look. I ditched the dupatta and added a silver choker to give it a modern vibe. 

Black Glam Lengha Choli

From left to right Kajal Outfit, Raveena Lengha (in midnight blue, Nisha Outfit, Viola Gown For a Los Angeles Reception there were 4 KYNAH girls! We all opted for different looks which was amazing. A Kaftan, Lengha, Sharara, and Gown! 

Indian Wedding Guest Clothing I hope this helps! As always, feel free to reach out to the KYNAH team at and we will help guide you through your looks. 


Aisha Rawji



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