A Celebration By The Sea

A Celebration By The Sea
After dating long-distance for several months, the two just couldn't continue to keep their love apart! They figured out a way to see each other 24/7, and it ended up with a romantic and dreamy wedding! The couple celebrated an intimate and minimalistic wedding on the beautiful, glowy beach in New Zealand. Our stunning KYNAH bride Tessa, looked like an absolute gem in the Naina Lehenga! Congratulations to this lovely power couple - the KYNAH team couldn't be happier for the both of you! We wish you all the love and happiness.
As said by Tessa:
How did you hear about KYNAH? How was your experience working with KYNAH?
I can't remember how I heard about you, I think I was starting to search for wedding lehengas and you were one of the best rated! I loved my experience - Damini was so helpful in getting a new blouse made for me in an extremely tight timeframe. The whole team was communicative, sweet and kind!
What about the Naina Lehenga made you say "Yes!"? How did you know it
was the one?
The color. Because we decided to have our wedding at my ultimate favorite
beach at home, I wanted to ensure the color I wore would really bounce off
the black sands of the beach.
What was your favorite part about your wedding planning process? Do you
have an advice for future brides?
My advice is to keep it simple! I planned our wedding in 3 months and kept it to the bare minimum - our only aim was to celebrate and have fun with our friends and family.
How did he propose? Tell us more about your relationship!
Our story is unique. We never had a proposal! We met by chance in a
restaurant in ATL in 2017 when I was living in NYC and he was a student in ATL. We stayed friends for almost 2 years and when he finally came to visit we spent a lot of time together and realized there was more there. We dated long distance for 6 months until I couldn't take it anymore so I moved to ATL. In that time frame I had a bridal client and when I was on set for the shoot Parker and I had the "you're my forever person" chat. When I moved to ATL, my visa was about to expire so we had to get our marriage license sorted ASAP. On Friday, 10 May we opened a joint bank account then moseyed on over to the Marietta Court House where we did the official business. We called my folks when we finished to tell them the news, to which they told us they'd just booked flights to come visit from NZ! Our plan was to have our wedding in NZ in 2020, but of course COVID hit and that was not an option so we waited until the end of 2022 when we knew my whole family would be together in NZ to have our special day.
If you and your, now, husband could have invited one celebrity to your wedding, who would it have been and why?
Neither of us really subscribe to celebrity culture, I think we would have wanted either our favorite band (an Australian group called The Cat Empire) or our favorite DJ (Griz) to be there to play our favorite music.
Photography: Kate Little
Suit: Moss Bros UK
 Venue: Bethells Beach, Auckland NZ


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