A Multicultural Beautiful Wedding

A Multicultural Beautiful Wedding
After overcoming adversity throughout the years due to cultural and religious differences, Tamanna and her husband Peter were finally able to be together with their family's blessings. The KYNAH team is beyond grateful that the Sobia Lehenga got to be a part of this love story and wish you all the best as you enter this next chapter in your lives. Congratulations Tamanna and Peter! 
How was your experience shopping with Team KYNAH?
It was so great and truly effortless! I was afraid of not seeing the styles
in person or trying them on at first. The KYNAH team sent specific photos
of the styles that I liked that helped me narrow down my choice. There were
so many customization options like adding sleeves and tassels to the
blouse. Sending in measurements was even easier and the team reached out to
me when some measurements didn't make sense and instructed me to remeasure
those. I was so skeptical of how the outfit would fit since everything was
done virtually via email but I was truly stunned at how perfectly
everything fit!
Why were you drawn to the Sobia Lehenga? What made you say "Yes!"?
I was drawn to the Sobia Lehenga due to the beautiful pastel blue and peach accents in the outfit. Our reception was in the summer so I really wanted to play
up some beautiful pastel tones. I also found the perfect pastel blue
sherwani for my husband and the two outfits just complemented each other so
well. We got so many compliments on the 'fits, and you know the outfit is
fire when aunties call your mom the morning after the reception to ask
exactly where and how she can order the same outfit.
How did you meet your husband? Tell us a little bit about your
My husband, Peter, and I met each other 5 years ago during our first week
of residency at Wash U in St. Louis. We overcame a lot of adversity over
the years with religious and cultural differences; we broke up several
times because we thought we couldn't be together, but we also just couldn't
stay apart and kept finding our way back to each other. Eventually our
families came around and we are SO happy we get to be together *with* our
families' love and support. Peter proposed almost immediately after we got
back together for the final time (this time with our parents' blessing),
and the rest has been a dream come true. We were very intentional in
combining our cultures for our wedding while leaving religions to a
minimum. Our best friends were our officiants and it couldn't have been a
more special ceremony.
Do you have any advice for brides/brides-to-be?
Go with your gut and follow your heart; the rest will fall into place.
If you could've invited one celebrity to your wedding, who would it be
and why?
I think having the people who mean the most in your lives who
love/support/know our story is always most important! However, Peter
did propose while Justin Bieber's "Anyone" was playing which we then chose
as our first dance song so it would have been pretty epic to have him there
to play it live.
Wedding Planner and Decor: Party People Nashville
Hair and MUA: Hannah Draeger from One 10 Beauty
Groom's Sherwani: Kalki Fashion


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