A Pastel Moment in Charlottesville

A Pastel Moment in Charlottesville
After having to plan their wedding during a rough year of COVID-19, Shreya Goshal and her husband pushed through and managed to get it all done, find the perfect outfits, and get their loved ones together after a long time. The KYNAH team is so happy the Nessa and Naina Lehengas got to be a part of this beautiful day!! We wish her and her husband, Sahaj, a lifetime of love and happiness! 
As said by Shreya: 
How was your shopping experience with Team KYNAH?
Thanks to Aisha, I was able to pop-up last minute at Kynah in NYC. Since
the pop-up sign-up window had closed, I almost missed it. Kynah's team
went above and beyond to accommodate me and ensured my sizing and
measurements were accurate during the trials.
It was a huge plus for me as a bride that the dress arrived ahead of
schedule, which is a major plus when planning a wedding during COVID. It
has been a pleasure working with Aisha, Simran, and all the individuals I
interacted with throughout the process. A great team to work with!
What was it about the Naina & Nessa Lehengas that you were drawn to?
What made you say "Yes!"?
My favorite aspect of the Naina Lehenga is the blouse design, I wanted to
wear something bright for my Sangeet day but not the 'traditional bright'.
The green pastel color with mirror work, along with the bow detail blouse,
combined with the perfect measurements from Kynah - I could not be
The Nessa lehenga went perfectly with the decor I had in mind for my
spring reception at a vineyard in Charlottesville. I absolutely loved the
flower details on the lehenga!
What would be your advice for brides/brides-to-be?
My one piece of advice to the bride/groom would be to enjoy your day - it
was one of the most beautiful days of my life and it took months to plan it
all, so enjoy the moment. Hold on to your better half if you're nervous,
which happens to us all! He'll be the calm to your storm! 
How did he propose?
Sahaj tricked me into believing we were just headed out to get drinks to
celebrate buying our first home in Washington D.C. Little did I know he
would get down on his knee, I still get goosebumps thinking about it!
What is one moment from your wedding day that you will never forget?
After losing my father in 2020 and experiencing COVID restrictions, I
couldn't believe my friends and family, who I hadn't seen in years, were
able to make it to my big day! Sahaj and I were fortunate to have everyone
gather for us. 
Shreya and her family and friends
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