A Wedding in the Mountains

A Wedding in the Mountains
The stunning Sharonda in the Sofie Sari has blown us away! We love how Sharonda's vision of the Sofie Sari against the mountains and beautiful scenery came together. Congrats to this stunning couple - we wish you all the happiness in the world! As said by Sharonda:
How was your experience shopping with Team KYNAH?
Team Kynah made shopping for my dream dress simpler than I could ever imagine. I stumbled across a design that caught my attention, and from there proceeded to follow on all social platforms. I fell in love instantly. Before checking out I had a few measurement questions. Within the next day my question was answered. My dress was shipped nicely, and the fit was perfect for wearing.
How did the Sofie Sari make you feel? What made you say "Yes!"?
The Sofie Sari gave me that royal elegance that I definitely wanted to embody for my King. The overall location (Glennwood, Colorado); and overall design of the dress was my vision. That’s what made me say “Yes” to the dress.
Sharonda in the Sofie Sari
How did he propose?!
My husband (Chayil) proposed once he returned back to his hometown (New Orleans, Louisiana). My husband and I are Hebrew Yisraelites and the Most High has aligned our paths to come together (Amos 3:3). He proposed by going to my parents, and asking them for their blessings. From there, we’ve been living our happily ever after.
Sharonda and her husband
What is one moment from your wedding day that you will never forget?
The awesome mountain view’s (Glennwood, Colorado), and being surrounded by nature was an unforgettable memory that will never be forgotten.
Sharonda and her husband with mountains in the back
What is the smartest thing you did while planning your wedding?
My husband and I prepared, planned, and paid off all expenses that we needed in advance before our big day.
Sharonda and her husband
Photographer: Snappr
Hair Stylist: MaciAnnaHair
Groom Outfit: Fringedout


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