Glitz, Glamour, and Galore

Glitz, Glamour, and Galore
Coming together from two different places and cultures, love was the only thing that brought them together stronger than ever! The mixed Franco-Sri Lankan couple met 4 years ago and instantly clicked ever since. The two shared a beautiful, big Indian wedding celebration that was magical to say the least. The stunning decor, the pastel color scheme, and of course, our beautiful couple shined on this most special of nights. Our gorgeous KYNAH bride Sarah, looks stunning in this pastel, sequin, Melanie Lehenga by Seema Gujral. These two are definitely the epitome of yin & yang. Congratulations to this sweet couple - the KYNAH team couldn't be happier for you both!
As said by Sarah:
How was your experience working with KYNAH?
Very nice experience from the start! I chose KYNAH because I wanted a Seema Gujral lehenga but I wasn't sure how to go about it from France. I didn't feel confident ordering directly from India. After reading great reviews, I gave it a go and haven't regretted it! The team has always been very responsive and answered all my requests. They sent me news regularly. I was particularly stressed about the deadlines, but my lehenga arrived even earlier than expected! I had special requests regarding the sleeves and the neckline and everything was respected. What amazed me the most is that when I received the lehenga it fit me perfectly directly, without any alterations needed! The quality of the work is really incredible and the team is very professional.
What was it about the Melanie Lehenga that drew you towards it? How did you know it was the one?
I had spotted the Mélanie model for a year and yet, I looked at hundreds of models and hesitated hundreds of times I believe. But each time my heart would bring me back to this amazing lehenga. First, what attracted me was the color, pastel green, sublime, and pastel tones in general. Then I fell in love with all this work of beads and embroidery that completely covers the lehenga. I found it fantastic! I saw my princess dream come true. From the start I had chosen to go for a light colored lehenga because of my skin color and my blond hair. I thought that would match the best. And the result was even crazier than I had imagined. It shone with a thousand lights! My loved ones were in shock when they saw me enter like this, it was magical!
What is one moment from your wedding day you will remember forever?
It's really hard to describe a single moment. But I would say my arrival at the wedding reception, in the Melanie lehenga, at the top of the stairs of the room, where I had prepared a surprise for my husband: a choreography with two dancers on the title "Rowdy Baby". It was really totally crazy! I hadn't spoken to anyone about it so the surprise was total. I was so stressed that I really wasn't sure I could do the choreography and remember it. And in the end, when the door opened at the top of the stairs and the music started, all I could think about was my husband and nothing else, I was dancing for him, he was overwhelmed. His emotion and the stars in his eyes at that moment I will remember all my life.
How did he propose? Tell us a little about your relationship!
We are a mixed Franco-Sri Lankan couple. We met almost 4 years ago on a dating app. I knew very quickly that he was the man of my life. Everything was so simple and obvious with him! After 3 months of relationship we left for almost 3 weeks on a road trip in Thailand, it was crazy! We spent a little over a year of our relationship at a distance at the beginning because he lived in Paris and I lived in Bordeaux, in France. Then he came to live with me because it was really getting too hard to be far from each other. After two years he proposed to me in my apartment which was our little cocoon at that time. I was coming back from the physio, I was jogging and I was scared because the whole apartment was in the dark. I thought there was a burglar. Then I saw a candle and roses. He took me in his arms, we danced a little slow and he told me about us. Then he got down on one knee and took out the ring! It was completely unexpected and incredibly emotional! I will never forget that!
What is something you wish you knew before you began your wedding planning?
Not being of Indian origin, there were many things that I did not know, whether in the course of the Hindu religious ceremony or that of the reception. I had never attended an Indian wedding and I knew nothing about it. I would have loved to have a better knowledge of Hindu rites for example, or more details on all the things to think about such as, for example, a florist specializing in flower necklaces (malai), the veil, the kondai malai, all the jewelry you need for each outfit and the type of budget to plan for it etc. There were a multitude of details to know and to foresee, things to think about, it was very complicated.
*Vendors listed by IG handle*:
MUA & Hair: Tharnika Kannuthurai
Sherwani: Samyakk Clothing
Photos & Videos: Anand Studios
Venue: Voilier 91
Dancers: Bhangra Academy
Necklace Set: Jewels Planet
Bangles Set: Sokora Jewels
DJ: Dj Ino


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