Bright & Bold in a Medley of KYNAH

Bright & Bold in a Medley of KYNAH
After spending the first few months getting to know each other through facetimes and texts, Rohini & Karan's love story only grew stronger ever since. The two constantly traveled for work which made it difficult for them to spend time with each other, but after Karan took a work trip to Rohini's city, the deal was sealed. With a surprisal proposal by Karan and their romantic story, their series of wedding events were straight out of a Bollywood film! When deciding where to find her wedding attire, Rohini picked KYNAH as her one stop shop! This bride looked absolutely stunning in her Azmi, Parveen, Zohal and Red Feather Pop Cape Dress, truly the perfect myriad of KYNAH! Congratulations to this lovely couple - the KYNAH team is honored to be a part of your special day. We wish you all the love and happiness in the world!
As said by Rohini:
Rohini wearing the Azmi
How was your experience working with KYNAH? How did you hear about us?
I first saw KYNAH on Instagram and my reaction was pure excitement that Indian designer clothes were being sold in the US and that the founder was someone I could relate to! My experience with KYNAH was incredible. I had spent weeks on their website making a spreadsheet of what dresses I wanted for each event. I went up to the NYC pop-up last summer and got to meet Aisha and part of the team. I grew up watching "Say Yes to the Dress" but then you-tubing to see if there were any episodes with South Asian women or non-traditional dresses. The KYNAH Pop-Up allowed me to have that "Say Yes to the Dress" experience the South Asian way! They spent time with each bride like she was the most important person in the room - helping style, pick colors and dresses to accommodate her vision. The team's process to order a dress and their measuring guide was seamless. From picking the dress to the delivery, I couldn't have been happier with the look and fit for each one! The team was able to make customized adjustments for each of the dresses as well. I felt glamorous and beautiful and confident in each of the looks!
Rohini in the Parveen Lehenga
How did you choose all your KYNAH outfits for your wedding? What about
them made you say 'Yes!'? Which was your favorite one and why? (Azmi, Parveen, Zohal, and the Red Feather Pop Cape Dress).
I had chosen the Azmi and Parveen outfits for the Haldi and Mehendi as soon as I saw it on the website. For the Haldi, dhoti sari with the green was comfortable and breezy! For the Mehendi, I wanted a shorter lehenga to show off the mehendi on the feet, and was also easy to dance in. The dupatta was pre-folded so I didn't have to worry about re-pinning or re-draping through the night. The Red Feather Pop Cape Dress was the next dress I chose for the Welcome Party. We wanted a flirty, fun vibe. It was the perfect dress to dance in! The hardest dress to find was for the reception. I wanted something elegant and glamorous, and Zohal seemed to hit all the right notes while also having structure and geometry to the dress itself. I felt so glamorous! I think my favorite was the Azmi or the Red Feather Dress - I love non-traditional shapes and silhouettes!
Rohini in the Zohal Lehenga
How did he propose? Tell us a little bit about your relationship!
We met through a dating website right before COVID-19, and spent the first few months getting to know each other through Facetimes and texts. Karan visited Baltimore for a weekend and that sealed the deal. For the proposal, we went on a trip to Georgia. After exploring Savannah, we made our way to Sea Island off the coast of Georgia which was a special place for Karan growing up. As luck would have it, we were both on work-calls either submitting abstracts for conference deadlines or on meetings with India till 5pm that Saturday. Finally, we shut our laptops and Karan rushed me to dinner only to get downstairs and say "Let's sit a while..." As we sat and talked about life, I noticed "nature photographers" but right before I could say it, Karan swept me into the grass and popped the question. After a resounding yes (I think that's what I said?) and some fun, awkward, pictures, Karan confessed he didn't actually make dinner plans. Knowing Karan well, I said "No problem, we'll find something!" and we made our way back to the hotel room to look at Uber Eats. As we approached the door, a hotel staff member was trying to enter with multiple forks and knives...Karan insisted he had the wrong room, but the hotel staff member confirmed the room and walked in regardless. When the door opened, the room was decorated with balloons, and a beautiful cake! Out popped Karan's parents to surprise us! Hugs, laughs and emotions overflowed. And then, my parents popped out behind them! Karan had somehow managed surprise after surprise and incorporated her favorite people into the most perfect day. There was still no dinner plans so we went to a restaurant and sat outside with some college kids who were drinking. I'm a resident who does research in global oncology and he works for a company primarily based out of India, so we travel a fair bit (our first month wedding anniversary, I was in Botswana and he was in India!), but we love what we do.
Rohini in the Red Feather Pop Cape dress
What was your wedding theme/aesthetics?
The Mehendi theme was fall colors with lots of drapes and colors. The welcome party was fun and flirty and we were so lucky to host it by the Chattahoochee river at Canoe Restaurant. The haldi was done outside in Karan's family home backyard, and the sun came out to play! It was beautiful with bright pinks and yellows. The Sangeet was fully Bollywood themed, with my favorite movie posters on the bar and coffee tables with lots of bright colors. The reception was "James Bond" themed, with glitz and glamour with soft pink and white florals and accents of gold.
Rohini at her Mehendi
If you could have one celebrity at your wedding, who would it be?
It probably would have been Aamir Khan. We did Ae Kya Bolti Tu as part of our first dance, it would have been hilarious to dance with him.
Rohini in the Red Feather Pop Cape Dress
Mehendi Photography: Seventh Son Photography
Mehendi Decor: RJ Best Events
Mehendi Venue: Howard County Conservancy
DJ: DJ Saumil
Henna: Hetal Bhatt
Reception Photography: Ben and Colleen
Videography: ALewis Films
Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Ami
Reception Decor: Weddings in Style
Welcome Party Venue: Canoe Restaurant
Sangeet/Shaadi/Reception Venue: Intercontinental Buckhead
Reception DJ: DJ Shilpa
Wedding Planner: Envi Events


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