KYNAH takes on Texas

KYNAH takes on Texas
A proposal that may have started with a little bit of miscommunication ended with a lifetime of love and happiness for Nipa Chagan and Calvin. The KYNAH team had a wonderful time being part of Nipa’s celebrations by helping her finalize on the Nyra Lehenga, a custom Red Rose Lehenga & the Parveen Midi-Lehenga. We’re so happy for these newly weds, we wish them all the best!

How was your shopping experience with the KYNAH team?
Planning a wedding during a pandemic and not seeing a bridal consultant in person, I thought this was going to be so hard. Aisha made the process seamless - her video consultations put me at ease and she was there every step of the way. 
Nipa Chagan in a custom Seema Gujral Red Rose Lehenga

What was your wedding theme?
We went for the traditional Indian wedding and a classic reception. Our henna party doubled as a wedding rehearsal.
Nipa Chagan in Seema Gujral’s Nyra Lehenga

How did the Nyra Lehenga, custom Red Rose Lehenga & Parveen Midi-Lehenga make you feel?
They made me feel absolutely beautiful. I’m already looking for a day to wear them again! 
Nipa Chagan in a custom Seema Gujral Red Rose Lehenga

What’s one piece of advice you have for other brides/brides-to-be?
G et a wedding planner! I thought for sure I could do this on my own, but that was definitely not the way to go. Also, take in the reception - all my married friends told me this and I’m so glad I listened - it all just goes by SO fast! 
Nipa Chagan in the Parveen Midi Lehenga by Sonam Luthria

How did he propose?
We had planned a bike ride on the Willow City Loop. We had done this bike ride once before and there were plenty of scary hills that I had trouble going down, so I was definitely hesistant when he asked me again, but went for it. Well 2.5 miles into the ride, I told him I didn’t want to go down the “big” hill this time. This is when all the miscommunication started. We came to a hill and he said “I’ll meet you at the bottom.” I heard (or maybe it was what I wanted to hear) “I’ll see you at the top.” (I thought this was the scary hill). So, time goes by and I’m going back and forth on my own at the top of hill. THEN, I decide, “you know what, I’ll just make my way back to the car.” So, I start heading back. I haven’t realized at this point that he has been calling my phone. As I’m biking back, a sweet couple in a truck stops me and tells me my boyfriend has been waiting for me. They ask to take me back (apparently he had told them to make sure I got back down there) to which I hesitantly say no. I then check my phone and see a bunch of missed calls. I call Calvin back and he says he’s been waiting for me. I head back and finally get to the bottom of the hill (VERY SLOWLY) and he’s there, on one knee, waiting for me. No hesitancy here, I immediately said YES! We got a good laugh out of the whole thing and it made for a great story to tell our friends and families.
Nipa Chagan in Seema Gujral’s Nyra Lehenga

Photographer: Ben Godkin with Godkin Photography (Texas)
Henna/Wedding Rehearsal: The Carrington in Buda, TX  (Cari Wible)
Wedding/Reception Venue: Creekside at Driftwood, TX


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