Striking the Perfect Balance Between Cultures

Striking the Perfect Balance Between Cultures
Stunning KYNAH bride, Neethu Putta, made it official in two KYNAH looks - the Saanvi Lehenga & a customized Nyra Lehenga. Coming in with some good advice, Neethu reminds us to focus on details that will make your big day unforgettable for you and your guests and not to get caught up in things like the “color of the table cloth”. Congratulations to these newly weds! The KYNAH team wishes them (and their adorable companion) a long, happy, love-filled life together!

How was your experience working with KYNAH?
Incredible! Believe it or not, it took me nearly a year to finalize the designs for all of my outfits for my wedding. And over the course of that year, I probably spoke with Aisha at least once a month (and many more times in the months where the KYNAH team was working to finalize my measurements and the designs of the outfits I had picked). Aisha was incredibly responsive and helpful with everything and anything I needed—she responded to all of my emails within 24 hours, and sometimes sooner than that.
 Like all brides, I was pretty nervous about picking a designer, so I actually first hired Aisha to help design my engagement dress for my engagement photoshoot in the fall of 2020. She helped me with everything—from narrowing down outfits, picking out colors, and figuring out what neckline would work best. She was also incredibly helpful when I was being indecisive, and pushed me to really consider the Rhea Lehenga for my engagement outfit, both given what I was looking for and my budget—and I’m so glad she did, because it turned out incredible! I still remember the day I got my outfit in the mail, and being so awestuck at the quality and fit of the lehenga. Every detail was exactly how I imagined it, including the sweetheart off-the-shoulder neckline. After seeing how beautiful my engagement dress and photos turned out, I knew I had to work with KYNAH for all of my wedding outfits.
 Aisha also had some great tips for my outfits that I didn’t think of. For instance, when I told her I was thinking about wearing an off-the-shoulder top for my reception outfit, Aisha gently reminded me that if I wanted to dance, it might be tough to have an off-the-shoulder top because it might rise up if I raised my arms.  For this reason, I went with a sleeveless top so that it still had a bit of a modern look, but sat on my shoulders without me worrying about it moving around as I danced the night away!

What was it about the lehengas that made you say “Yes”? 
I loved how eye-catching the design was for the Saanvi Lehenga — especially the neckline and the skirt. I could also just picture it in so many colors, but strongly felt that hot pink would make for stunning and eye-catching reception dress—and luckily, I think it turned out exactly the way I imagined!
Neethu Putta in Seema Gujral’s Saanvi Lehenga

The Nyra Lehenga was the perfect fusion piece: it had the classic American/Christian bride look, as it was largely white and lacey, but also had the Indian vibe I wanted since it was a lehenga with intricate detail. It was one of my absolute favorite looks at the wedding, as I felt it represented both sides of not just me (the American born desi girl), but also reflected the union that I was entering, given that I am Indian American and Hindu, and my husband is white, American, and Christian. My husband had also mentioned that it would mean a lot to him for me to wear a white dress to the Christian ceremony, and it was certainly very special to see the look in his eye during our first look before the ceremony that day.
Neethu Putta in the Nyra Lehenga

  If you had to choose one moment from your wedding day, what would it be?I’m not sure I could choose just one moment, but one of my favorites was entering the room for our reception. It was truly incredible to see all of my friends and family there cheering us on, and excited to celebrate our marriage and commitment that we made to each other.

What’s one piece of advice you have for other brides/brides-to-be? 
I know everyone else says to not care about the details, but I think a wedding is all about the details! In truth, I think what others mean to say is don’t worry about the details that no one will remember—the color of tablecloths, for instance—but focus on the details that will make a difference, both for you and for the guests.  For instance, we had placed dried rose petals on the seat of every guest at the Christian ceremony, so guests could throw them to bless us as we made our grand exit as an officially married couple. We also made sure to strike a healthy balance between the number of performances at the reception and the amount of time that guests had to dance and enjoy their time together.  And after our reception, we planned a sparkler good-bye, so that we could go out with a bang, which I think both we and the guests really enjoyed!
Neethu Putta in Seema Gujral’s Saanvi Lehenga

Venue: Boathouse at Mercer Lake
Photography: Radhika Chalasani
Catering: Bhog Catering
HMUA: Cinderella Bridez



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