Vintage Partners & Vintage Celebrations

Vintage Partners & Vintage Celebrations
After sharing a long friendship of 15 years, the two knew deep down that they had found their perfect match. It took some time for them to realize their feelings for each other, but as soon as they did, sparks flew endlessly! This lovely couple celebrated a multicultural wedding of Goan and Jewish elements which blended together perfectly to create the most magical wedding. Our gorgeous KYNAH bride Michelle, looks stunning in Seema Gujral's Angel Lehenga. Congratulations to this beautiful couple - we wish you all the happiness!
As said by Michelle:
The Bride and Groom
How was your experience working with KYNAH?
My experience working with KYNAH was great! I searched for a long time online and found there was a pop up store in Santa Monica! I live in Los Angeles so I was able to go in and try on many dresses to see what shape fit me best! My father is Goan so I wanted to honor my Indian heritage by wearing a Lehenga. I actually fell in love with two dresses (one sari and one lehenga) so I got both! I wore the Sari to the rehearsal dinner and the Lehenga at the wedding. I loved how I could so easily customize the Lehenga to my liking!
Michelle in the Angel
What about the Sufi Sari & Angel Lehenga made you say 'Yes!'?
I said yes to two dresses! The Lehenga was what I wore on the wedding day! I got the Angel Lehenga and loved how grand and elegant it was. I knew I would feel like an absolute princess on the day! The Sufi Sari was perfect for the rehearsal dinner which was held at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.
Michelle in the Angel
What was your wedding theme/aesthetics?
It was a multicultural wedding! My dad is Goan so I wanted to include some Goan elements. My husband is Jewish so we incorporated some Jewish elements as well. We focused on having marigolds everywhere. We had the event in one of the oldest buildings in Los Angeles called "Vibiana". It was built to be the main cathedral of Los Angeles but is purely an event space now. It was such a grand space so I knew I needed a dress to match! We had a fall
wedding so included a lot of muted oranges and greens. All of my bridesmaids wore emerald green saris! The groomsmen all wore Indian suits as well.
Michelle in the Angel
How did he propose? Tell us more about your relationship!
Our relationship has a long history! We were actually just friends for 15 years! We first met because I am an actress and he is a director and he cast me in a project. We got along great and I knew he was a friend I wanted for life. We were never single at the same time and really saw each other as friends until the pandemic. For the first time, we were single at the same time and we thought "who do I want to talk to when I feel like the world is ending?" and got to talking on the phone or facetiming almost daily. Then we started to do socially distanced dates and the rest is history! The way he proposed was magical. I love historical places and I love this place called "Catalina Island" off the coast of California. We were there celebrating our one year anniversary of dating and he surprised me by bringing me to the top of these beautiful gardens! He got down on one knee, I said yes and 9 of my closest friends popped out! He had hired a photographer and a catering staff to pour us all champagne and we
celebrated throughout the night! I had no idea anyone else was coming! As an engagement ring, he gave me a beautiful Sapphire and diamond family heirloom. I am the 5th generation in the family to have it!
The Bride and Groom
If you could go back to one moment from your wedding day, what would it
Saying our vows to each other! It was such a special moment and we wrote our own.
The Bride and Groom
*Vendors listed by IG handle*:
Venue: Vibiana Events
Photographer: Callaway Gable
Hair + Makeup: Claire V Coleman & Beautie by Katt
Henna Artist: Henna Tradition
Flowers: The Little Branch


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