Together in a KYNAH Medley

Together in a KYNAH Medley
This magical array of weddings opened the door for our gorgeous bride, Melissa to sparkle in her medley of KYNAH looks! She chose the Jeanne Sari which was the perfect elegant piece, the Persian Red Lehenga for that bold pop of color, and lastly our bestseller, the Nessa Lehenga which added the finishing statement piece to her wedding look. Congratulations to this beautiful couple - the KYNAH team is honored to be a part of your big day! We wish you all the love and happiness.
As said by Melissa:
Bride and Groom
How was your experience shopping with KYNAH?
The experience was amazing! I love the fact that was I was able to have a remote consult with the team just to make sure I had my questions answered. Everyone that was part of the process from ordering to making sure my outfit measurements was accurate have been wonderfully patient and kind to me.
Melissa in the Persian Red
Why were you drawn to the Jeanne Sari, Persian Red and Nessa Lehengas?
I just love the colors of each of them and could tell they were made with quality. The Persian Red was a popular hit at my Sangeet and the Nessa was incredibly unique. I'm super big on florals so this was the perfect Reception dress for me. I also appreciate that the saris can be pre-pleated so that makes someone who isn't used to wearing them easy to put on and take off without hassling one of the aunties.
Melissa in the Persian Red
How did he propose?
He didn't really propose but we had designed a ring together from Australia and it came through Fedex on a day that he was unable to get the package. So it was me and the Fedex guy opening the box together. I remembered being really rushed for a work meeting and he thought I didn't like my ring. The whole experience was just super awkward and funny at the same time.
Where are you/did you go for your honeymoon?
We didn't do a honeymoon just because we had multiple weddings and Covid happened. However this year, we went to Italy for our first year anniversary and plan to go to Australia and India in the fall for fun.
The Bride and Groom
If you could've invited one celebrity to your wedding, who would it have been and why?
I would totally invite Conan O'Brien. He's my favorite comedian and would be the best MC ever!
Bride and Groom
Hair/Makeup: @jenflandez_ws
Flowers: @11cubedesigns_
Henna: @hennabyridz
Photography: @danchern
Videography: @nomadsight
Sangeet Caterer: Amber India
Reception Caterer: @jalsacatering
Sangeet Venue: silvercreekvalleycc
Reception Venue: @ritzcarltonhmb


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