A Festive Way of Falling in Love

A Festive Way of Falling in Love
What's better than falling in love? Falling in love with your best friend of course! This adorable couple shared an intimate wedding full of liveliness, laughs, and a whole lot of love. Our gorgeous KYNAH bride Jacqueline, looked like a real life Barbie in Seema Gujral's Pink Sequins Lehenga set! We truly can't get enough of this beautiful wedding! Congratulations to this lovely couple - the KYNAH team is honored to have been a part of your big day!
As said by Jacqueline:
How was your experience shopping with KYNAH?
I had the opportunity to visit the KYNAH studio in person in LA, and I definitely recommend this if you can swing it. Simran helped me, and she was so kind and helpful. Even though I didn’t end up choosing one of the outfits I tried on that day, it helped give me a better idea of what I did want. And it was super easy to work with the KYNAH team over email – they’re very responsive!
Why were you drawn to your Pink Sequins Lehenga Set? What made you say "Yes!"?
I imagine some brides have a strong vision for their wedding look, but for me that was not the case. And I won’t lie, it was a STRUGGLE to decide what I wanted. There were so many beautiful options, and it felt like my one opportunity to go all out. Ultimately, I chose this lehenga from Seema Gujral, and I was so happy with it! The beading was everything–well worth the extra 12 pounds. I absolutely loved the pastel colors, complimented by a couple deeper pinks and greens. Everything was crafted to perfection.
Pink Sequins
How did he propose? 
My husband is terrible at keeping secrets, and I had always given him a hard time about the proposal. “You will NEVER be able to surprise me!” I was pretty confident about this, especially because we were on year 4 of long distance (CA and TX) at the time. Turns out, I was very wrong! He managed to bring our families and closest friends together from all over the country for the sweetest surprise proposal in TX. Suffice to say, I was completely shocked, and I ugly cried.
What is one moment from your wedding day that you'll always remember?Weddings are such a uniquely special experience. You finally get to bring all of the people you love, from all the different parts of your life, together in one place. It’s not so much a moment I’ll remember, as it is a feeling. A feeling of absolute joy and gratitude for the love and support we received from our family and friends. 
Any advice for brides/brides-to-be?
Remind yourself to be present. Once you get to your wedding day, leave all of the stress and worry behind you. Enjoy it. Soak up the love. Take what you need. Maybe it‘s a deep breath. A moment to yourself. A cookie. A hug. Whatever it is, take it. Weddings are incredibly fun, but they can also be overwhelming. Take care of yourself.
Jacqueline and her Bridesmaids
*Vendors listed by IG handle:*
Planning & Design: SixteenFourteenEvents & Tesia Tangonan
Photography: Zoe Larkin Photo
Videography: Collideskope
Bridesmaid Lehengas: Shop Inaayat
Bangles: Choodiyan


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