Glowing In Summer Yellows

Glowing In Summer Yellows
Crystal Gopaul was glowing in both of her outfits - the Azmi and the Saffron Lehenga, with her mom perfectly complimenting her in our floral Keya Lehenga! The KYNAH team loved the yellow color theme and think it was perfect for a summer wedding. Congratulations to this couple - we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.
Crystal with her mom in the Saffron and Keya Lehengas
As said by Crystal: 
How was your experience shopping with Team KYNAH?
It was just a great experience. I reached out via instagram. I was helped within 24 hrs and told that I was able to customize if needed for both Azmi and Saffron Lehenga.
Crystal's mom in the Keya Lehenga
Why were you drawn to the Saffron and Azmi Outfits? What made you say "Yes!"?
I knew I wanted a really bright yellow lehenga. Something to pop in the summer and the moment I saw this I fell in love with it. Once I received the outfit, it was so much better in person that I couldn't wait to wear it.
For the Azmi I wanted a modern but appropriate Haldi outfit. I loved the way this looked. I asked for an extra dupatta to place on my head.
Crystal in the Azmi
How did he propose?
Vidal proposed in Central park in NYC on December 9th 2018. I was told we were having a double date with friends and he got down on one knee in the middle of Central Park by the water fountain.
What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme/aesthetic?
I knew I wanted a traditional but modern styled wedding. For the Mehndi, Haldi and wedding day, I wanted bright colors to pop being in NYC summer.
Crystal in the Saffron Lehenga hanging on a town car
What is one moment from your wedding day that you will never forget?
I think the morning of my of wedding, knowing that 3 years of planning and organizing, that the day was final here. I wanted to soak up and enjoy every moment of it.
(Haldi Day)
Cinematographer: Michael J Scott Productions
(Wedding Day)
Jewelry: Kirni Designs 
Cinematographer: Michael J Scott Productions


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