An Intimate Night With The Haseena

An Intimate Night With The Haseena
KYNAH Bride, Anju Purushot, had a nice intimate ceremony followed by a night of food and laughs in the Haseena Lehenga. With no alterations needed, the KYNAH team knew this outfit was definitely meant to be and she looked absolutely stunning in it. We are so happy for this creative duo and wish them all the best! Congratulations!! 

How was your experience working with KYNAH?
I first approached KYNAH team for a virtual consult when our wedding was still a big two day event in India. Aisha and Simran were so gracious to walk me through some of the collections and talk overall timelines and delivery plans. This was a good 9 months before the big day. However COVID worsened in India and we eventually shelved our plans to travel and instead opted to have a civil ceremony at the City Clerks office in NY followed by a small reception dinner at Sona. I reached out to the team again, this time wanting to buy something off the shelf as I didn't have enough time for a custom lehenga. I had my heart set on the Ruby Lehenga and through a virtual consult with Simran learned that the lehenga was in fact on its way to NY for their pop up. How lucky! They quickly scheduled an appointment so I can try it in person, though surreptitiously Simran mentioned she has something else in mind too for me to try when at the store.
Anju in the Haseena Lehenga

What was it about the Haseena Lehenga that made you say “Yes!”?
My friend and I made it to the pop up where I, of course, tried the Ruby Lehenga (gorgeous) and a few others. But when Simran suggested the Haseena, one look at it and I knew I was changing my mind on the spot! I tried it on and it really felt like the perfect fit - I had to make zero alterations and the lehenga laid so beautifully - I could see it all coming together. Within minutes, it was mine!
Haseena Lehenga

What were you most looking forward to on your big day?
We were not able to celebrate with all of our family and had our immediate family in the states (my mom flew in from Dubai) and a few friends at the reception dinner. The civil ceremony was exactly what I imagined, something private and intimate with Tres and I together and a small brunch with our parents and siblings right after. It could not have been more special. The dinner the next day was incredible. Sarah and the team at Sona helped throw a lovely intimate dinner setting and we got to spend quality time with all our guests. Looking back, though we wanted to have a big celebration, it could not have been more perfect with what we had.
Anju Purushot in the Ruby Lehenga by Seema Gujral

How did you add your personal touch to you and your husband’s big day?
We tried to bring in elements of what we love on our big day. For the civil ceremony I wore a simple ivory saree that my mom got me since we wanted to keep it small and intimate, but went all out with the Haseena Lehenga on the reception dinner day. We both love Indian food - Sona helped us do a few tastings and select the perfect meal and wine complement along with some amazing cocktails to help set-up the evening. We also worked with our photographer, Emily, to have a small photoshoot in our home as well as in one of our favorite places in New York - Washington Square Park. Needless to say, I was stopped by almost everyone on the street - showering complements and taking pictures of the lehenga. I am sure every tourist on that day at Washington Park has a picture of me all decked up in the lehenga. It was such a fun memory. Also, I made sure to work with an all women team to help me get ready and of course put an event together. We need to stand together when possible as a tribe! Shout out to my amazing team / vendors who helped make this vision come true!
Anju and her Husband at Madison Square Park 

What was the smartest thing you did while planning your wedding?
Probably planning it myself! I am a Producer and this is what I do best - putting together a production - which our wedding was! That way I could keep it as intimate and personal as we wanted while still working within our budget. My husband and I met while working as a Creative Director / Producer so for a moment we went back to our old working ways, which suited us both - me producing and him giving final approvals 😂
Anju Purushot in the Ruby Lehenga by Seema Gujral

Reception Planner & Dinner: Sarah Brennan / Sona 
Photographer: Emily Frances Olson
Henna Artist: Naiha Khan / Inkenna
Jewelry: Royal Designs


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