A Real Life Red Rose

A Real Life Red Rose
After 9 years of being together and 3 years of long distance, the two finally decided that they couldn't be apart any longer and needed to tie the knot! Their romance is unmatched and truly a story that is straight out of a film! After an impromptu proposal at Highline Park in NYC, their love for each other only flourished! They celebrated a beautiful ceremony with the theme of "Desi Woodlands Chic," surrounded by the mystic views of nature and the breathtaking scenery, along with their loved ones. Our gorgeous KYNAH bride Ayesha, looked like a real rose in the Red Rose Lehenga! Congratulations to this lovely couple - the KYNAH team couldn't be happier for the both of you!
How did you hear about KYNAH? How was your experience working with KYNAH? 
A friend of mine recommended I check out KYNAH.  I was incredibly lucky that the store was in my neighborhood in LA, so it was easy for me to visit and get a feel for the vibe. While there, it didn’t take me too long to decide that this was the place I would find my outfit; I loved the diversity of styles and designers. Despite not having a clear idea of what I wanted, Simran, my KYNAH stylist helped me think through different possibilities to arrive at the perfect one. I never actually found the Red Rose Lehenga during my visit; Simran suggested it as a middle option between two other lehengas I tried on and liked. And she was right! She really opened up the possibilities with how I could customize this lehenga to make it perfect for me.
How does the Red Rose Lehenga reflect you as an individual?
To some extent, I think this lehenga reflects what being Indian means to me personally. My mom is Gujarati Hindu and my dad is Punjabi Sikh. Growing up with interfaith, first-generation parents can be confusing, and I often felt like I didn’t quite belong in either community. That feeling led me to study abroad in India during college, where I found my own way to connect with my heritage, especially after experiencing the vast diversity of communities and cultures across the country. This Lehenga is a representation of me embracing that connection: A celebration of tradition in its classical red color, with a touch of modernity in its unique 3D rose embroidery. My husband’s 12 year-old niece wrote a poem about me in the Red Rose Lehenga after our wedding that made me tear up:
Bright red Was the color of dress, dyed to your liking
Bright red Was the sound of the drums, Playing to the beat of your heart
Bright red Is fierce, loud, and beautiful
Bright red Is the only color that is enough to describe you
How did he propose? Tell us more about the relationship!
We’d been together for 9 years at the time of our wedding. We met online when we both lived in New York City and it was one of those first dates where everything just fell into place. We had an incredible few years in the city together, before I moved back to Canada for grad school and a brief stint in politics, while he stayed in NYC. It was during one of my visits to see him in the city that he took me to the Highline Park after dinner one night and proposed to me. It was a total surprise and we were both so happy! After three years of long distance, we finally reunited, and moved to LA, where we’ve been since. My husband is Muslim, so being fully accepted by our families wasn’t always easy, but one thing that kept us strong is our love and respect for each other, and the support of our loved ones.
What was your wedding theme/aesthetics?
In a few words, I’d say “Desi Woodland Chic”. Nature was incredibly important to me, and after significantly scaling back our original wedding plan (which we canceled due to covid) we were able to find this beautiful intimate venue hidden in the Santa Monica Mountains, California. Having a smaller Indian wedding really allowed us to be creative. We got to pick and choose traditions and that allowed us to celebrate our culture while embracing our community of close friends and family who came from across the world to celebrate.
If you could pick a song that represents you and your husband, what would it be and why?
Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein - Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh
(it was actually my procession song and it made me and my parents tear up as we walked down the aisle!)
Photography: Alvis Pham 
Catering:  Agra Tandoori in Tarzana, CA
Decor: Beautifully and graciously done by my husband’s cousin, Kauser Ahmed (who also officiated the wedding)
Florals: Flowers by Srini
Venue: The 1909


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