Welcoming House of Masaba Gupta to KYNAH USA

Welcoming House of Masaba Gupta to KYNAH USA


We are so excited to announce that you can now buy House of Masaba by Masaba Gupta on KYNAH in the USA. 

House of Masaba is a home grown, India proud diffusion label with a Caribbean heart. It blends two varied cultures and thoughts to transform everyday mundane items into unconventional motifs and prints. Established in 2009, the brand blends founder Masaba’s cultural identity with her aesthetic to give a whimsical twist to the modern style.

A diffusion line, it caters to Women across all age groups and body types with fuss-free and unique silhouettes that are not restricted to any specific size or stereotype.

We at KYNAH particularly love House of Masaba for her bold signature colors, unique prints, and daring aesthetic. Ranging from saris and lehengas to everyday dresses and blouses - these pieces are meant to be kept and treasured. 

House of Masaba Red Royal Outfit and Jungle Lehenga


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