Based in Los Angeles, with a flagship store in Santa Monica, and offices in New Delhi

Founder Aisha Rawji launched the company in 2017 with a vision to redefine the way women shop for Indian Bridal and Event wear.  Since then, we have been at the forefront of Indian luxury fashion.

Our Mission

To make the next generation feel proud of their culture,  embrace the duality of their identities, and empower them through self-expression on their most special days.  We believe that by sharing cultural threads through fashion, we can forge a greater appreciation for one another and truly change the world.




Our Process

We carefully hand-select and curate each piece and designer, helping ensure that each item you find at KYNAH has a story that weaves into your own. Our team is also known not only for our curation, but also our immpecable and industry-changing customer service from start to finish.

The longevity and legacy of Indian clothing was a sustainable element Aisha wanted to focus on when launching KYNAH. She felt that quality and luxury clothing needn't be something that is only worn once, but something that is passed on for generations to come.


Aisha grew up in awe of the women who shopped in her Mom's clothing store, RAAZ in the 90's. She was not only amazed by the movement, colors and jewels from the ornate pieces, but also by the way women from all walks of life felt elegantly transformed upon wearing a lehenga or a sari. The confidence and grace these women felt was something the founder was mesmerized with.