A Tale of Elegance in Seema Gujral

A Tale of Elegance in Seema Gujral

Discovering the perfect wedding outfits is often a pivotal part of the bridal journey, and for our bride, Shalini, KYNAH proved to be the ultimate destination for the saris of her dreams! The two Seema Gujral saris reflected her desire for traditional yet unique pieces, such as the Black Ivory Sari for their elegant black tie ceremony and the Gold Sequin Sari for their Hollywood-inspired reception — both chosen with careful consideration of their themes and settings. This luxe, movie-like wedding was so magical - from the elegance of the aesthetics, the synchronized swimmers, their pups in tuxes, and most importantly, the celebration of love! 

 Our stunning KYNAH bride Shalini, was captivating in the Seema Gujral saris! Congratulations to this lovely couple - the KYNAH team couldn't be happier for the both of you!
As said by Shalini:
How did you hear about KYNAH? How was your experience working with KYNAH?

I heard about Kynah from a good friend who saw photos of Kynah founder Aisha's wedding on Instagram. Also, Aisha and I both used Natalie at Fancy Fete productions as our event coordinator and Natalie had only glowing things to say about Kynah. I had a couple of bridal consults before landing on the outfits I wanted and all the staff I worked with-via email and in person-were incredibly helpful and responsive. The in-store experience was great and always really fun :) I ended up getting my ceremony, reception and Mehndi outfits at Kynah as well as a suit for my 16 year old son which he also wore to his prom!


What about the Black Ivory Sari and Gold Sequin Sari made you say "yes"?

I wanted to have traditional Indian outfits for my wedding and reception but didn't feel like a lehenga was exactly what I was looking for. Our wedding ceremony was going to be black tie so I opted for the black ivory sari from Seema Gujral because I knew it would look great with my husband's tux. Even though it's more traditional to wear bright colors for an Indian wedding, I've always loved wearing black so this sari seemed like a perfect choice. And for the reception, our venue was the Paramour Estate in Los Angeles which is all about old Hollywood glamour, so I thought the gold sequin sari would be perfect for that event.


Share your favorite memory from your wedding!

My favorite moment was during the reception when I surprised Tim with a performance by synchronized swimmers in the pool at the Paramour. It was definitely one of the highlights of the day! Also, our two little dogs were the ring bearers during our ceremony and wore custom tuxedos.


What was your favorite part about planning your wedding? What was the most difficult?

Our favorite part of planning was tasting the delicious food at Bollywood Bites and choosing our menu. Chef Sanjay Patel made the experience unforgettable for us. No really difficult parts!


How did you make the wedding theme personal to you?

Tim has always worked in the entertainment industry which is what inspired us to use Old Hollywood as a theme. Once Natalie took us to the Paramour Estate, we knew we could tie it all together in that amazing location. I'm a professional musician so the music had to be incredible. We had two amazing bands that made the night spectacular.