An Unforgettable Sangeet in the Tarini Lehenga

An Unforgettable Sangeet in the Tarini Lehenga
The Tarini Lehenga was everything and more on our KYNAH bride, Christina! It was incredibly important for her to wear something that said "this is me," and Christina was most definitely glowing at her Sangeet. One of her most treasured memories with her partner was the wholesomeness of the moment when they performed their Sangeet dance together as mentioned below.  Through it all, Christina was a sparkling dancing queen in the Tarini Lehenga by Seema Gujral! Congratulations to this lovely couple - the KYNAH team is honored to have been a small part of your big day.
As said by Christina:
How did you hear about KYNAH? How was your experience working with

I actually heard about KYNAH through a referral! My husband's cousin bought her Sangeet lehenga from you guys and loved her experience, so I went to the LA showroom a few times to check things out in person. That's actually when I first tried on the Tarini lehenga and loved it.

What about the Tarini Lehenga made you say yes to the dress?

I was looking for something that felt like me to wear to my Sangeet — something that felt sparkly and fun without being overly bridal. I also really wanted a lehenga that I could rewear, so I immediately loved the color and the timeless silhouette. I know if I change up the blouse and the dupatta I can easily make an entirely new outfit.

Share your favorite memory with your partner.

My partner and I took weeks of dance classes in preparation for our Sangeet, and when the moment finally came I felt so happy that I had invested the time to practice because rehearsals really take the pressure off of the moment. My body remembered what to do, which allowed me to relax and enjoy it. I kept looking at Noel's face and I saw how earnestly he was trying to dance to the beat and remember everything... I started laughing because of how sweet and endearing he is. I actually focused too hard on him and forgot some of the moves myself. I didn't care at all though and looking back at the photos and videos makes me bust out giggling even now. Also, it's impossible to look like you've messed *anything* up if you're sparkling as much as I was! The Tarini Lehenga looks insane under all the lights.


If you could relive one moment from your wedding day, what would it be?

I am Vietnamese, Noel is Gujurati -- our wedding weekend was a mix of our cultures and ourselves. When we shared our personal vows, I felt that we had done something really wonderful and vulnerable, and one of the happiest moments of my life was walking back down the aisle with Noel. I was so proud of us.


If you could give one-piece of advice to all brides to be, what would
you say?

I think my main piece of advice is to prioritize doing things that make you feel good, and skip (or change!) all the stuff that makes you feel anxious or feels like an obligation. For me, one of the things I knew that would make me feel amazing were my clothes (which is why shopping with KYNAH in person in LA was so important to me), but I didn't care at all about shoes and wanted to be comfortable so I'm actually hiding sneakers under my skirt. I also knew I would hate being stationary and unable to walk around with guests, so I opted to do my henna the day before the actual mehendi. If you prioritize your happiness, it radiates out and spreads good energy to everyone else and makes the wedding better overall.

Photography: Jenna Powers

Wedding Planners: With a Flair Events