Our Story

KYNAH, meaning female leader, has been at the forefront of Indian luxury fashion, offering accessible designer clothing and accessories from the East to the West since 2017. Based in Los Angeles, founder Aisha Rawji launched the online store with a vision to redefine the way women customize, shop and wear Indian attire. Specializing in Guest, Resort and Bridal wear, KYNAH is more than a shopping destination - it's a personalized experience that empowers women and lives on forever. 


The Beginning 

Aisha grew up in awe of the women who shopped in her Mom's clothing store, RAAZ in the 90's. She was not only amazed by the movement, colors and jewels from the ornate pieces, but also by the way ladies from all walks of life felt elegantly transformed upon wearing a lehenga or a sari. The confidence and grace these women felt was something the founder was mesmerized with. The longevity and legacy of Indian clothing was a sustainable element Aisha wanted to focus on when launching KYNAH. She felt that quality and luxury clothing needn't be something that is only worn once, but something that is passed on to generations to come. 


Our Process

From one-of-a-kind Bridal wear to Guest attire and Resort wear, KYNAH offers a seamless buying experience for everyone. With the ability to customize  measurements,  the wearer is able to create something truly personal and special. With the intention to offer a variety of silhouettes and styles, KYNAH also curates a range of collections from some of the most established designers in India. The core mission of the brand is to offer unique pieces that can be worn multiple times, in a range of ways, and eventually become heirlooms that hold memories in between the threads and the beadwork. 

Working with the highest quality fabrics, embellishments and manufacturing, KYNAH strives to also support talented artisans in New Delhi, India, by ensuring safe working conditions and healthy wages. Aisha has built an accessible shopping experience that allows you to celebrate traditional Indian heritage and craft while expressing yourself through modern designs. 

Made-to-order & Sustainability 

Overproduction in the fashion industry is the cause behind many global and environmental issues. We hold limited inventory and create most of our pieces on a made-to-order basis to allow you to create something you will keep forever (since it was made just for you!) and to reduce waste. We envision a world where all clothes are made-to-order, artisan's work is highly values, and pieces are kept for years to come.