Sustainability in South Asian Fashion

Sustainability in South Asian Fashion


Sustainability in the fashion industry


Sustainability has become a pivotal topic of discussion in the fashion forefront for the past several years; rightfully so, due to the fashion industry being the second largest polluter in the world, right after the oil and gas industry. All in all, fast fashion has known to be the catalyst for the fashion industry’s rise in discussions centering sustainability. However, there is hope for the fashion industry, and this hope lies in the fashion companies of today, who are adopting a more sustainable business model; meaning they produce the clothing in a much slower, mindful pace.

Here at KYNAH, we focus on a slow fashion model. This means that the garments are produced in a made-to-order fashion. We follow the M2M (made to measure) sustainability model which establishes that the brand will tailor each individual garment per the customer’s body size, shape and sometimes style preferences. The M2M business model is growing in variety and popularity within the fashion industry, and you can see companies applying their own method of it; some examples would be 3-D body scans, sample fitting boxes, fit quizzes etc. Allowing an M2M model allows for slower production which aligns with the sustainable goals that KYNAH believes in! By adopting this model of customization, we hope that the customer keeps the outfit longer as it was specifically designed for them and pass it down for generations, another beauty of South Asian dressing.


Masaba Gupta beat plastic


At KYNAH, we collaborate mindfully as well! We collaborated with House of Masaba, a diffusion line, that has always strived to make a significant mark on sustainability. Utilizing non petroleum dyes towards her garments and creating innovative, yet conscious, additions such as the detachable handbags matching the garment in efforts to #BeatPlasticPollution! We are so excited that we work with like minds who strive for the betterment of our environment like we do, and we wish to continue making this impact! 


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