January 17, 2018
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What To Wear To A Sangeet

So you're invited as a guest to the Indian wedding of the year and now you have to dress the part! Well, you're in the right place. We know it is really difficult to pick out your looks (Indian clothing options are endless, truly) but we have you covered. 

What is a Sangeet / Cocktail Party?

The word "sangeet" means music party in Hindi. A sangeet or cocktail party is typically the last celebration before the wedding day of an Indian wedding celebration. The night starts with a few ceremonies and good food.  Typically, the bride and groom's close family and friends perform dances to the latest Bollywood tunes. The night ends in a big celebration of dancing and music. 

What do I wear to a Sangeet?

Since the theme of the sangeet is typically music and dancing (bollywood dreams, rejoice), you must wear something you can twirl the night away in!

Colors: Bright colors are ALWAYS encouraged for sangeets across all religions and traditions. Of course, you can wear dark colors as well. 

Here are some colors and looks we love for sangeets: 

Red and Pink Sangeet Lengha

Pink & Red - Two colors you can never go wrong with for a traditional Indian wedding. Put them together, and you have our classic Anita Lengha. Fun fact, the Anita Lengha colors were inspired by the Emmys 2019 red carpet (Hello, Mandy Moore). 

Yellow Net Layer Lengha with wrap top

Yellow - Another bright color that we love for Sangeets is yellow. It is a great celebratory color and you will look like sunshine. (AND have a Kate Hudson moment from How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days win-win). Checkout our Judy Lengha, a layered net ensemble with a wrap top. 

Styles For a sangeet, all styles go - most people wear lenghas (skirt, top, dupatta set) but we, of course, say go with what you want to wear. Outfits or Kaftans are always a good idea. If you're opting for the bright theme, check out the Kareena Outfit and Asha Outfit - both pure silk and decorated with traditional Indian handwork.

Purple Silk Outfit

Pink Silk Outfit


Here are a few more looks that we love: 

Red Lengha Indian Wedding Guest Jacket

Yellow Off Shoulder Lengha Indian Wedding Guest

Ice Blue Silver Lengha Indian Wedding Guest

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