What To Wear To A Mehndi (Henna) Party

What To Wear To A Mehndi (Henna) Party

What is a Mehndi Ceremony?

The Mehndi is usually the kick-off for the week of wedding festivities where the bride and the female guests have Mehndi (henna) applied to their hands and feet. The mehndi signifies love and affection between the couple and their families. Traditionally it is believed that the darker the mehndi comes out on the bride's hands, the deeper the love will be between the bride and groom. That is why no one will let the bride wash it off and make sure she sleeps with it, the longer she has it on, the darker it gets! 

What do I wear? 

The Mehndi Ceremony is one of the more casual days where bright colors are highly encouraged. Make sure to wear something that won't touch your hands in case you are planning on getting your own mehndi done and is comfortable enough to sit in. Kaftans, outfits, and bright colors are perfect for this occasion. Here are some of our favorite looks: 

Named after one of the most famous Mehndni Bollywood Songs, this yellow outfit features a peplum top with sharara pants. A classic look both in color and style, perfect for any Mehndhi Party! 
Another classic mehndi party color, this emerald green outfit is perfect for getting your mehndi done and being comfortable while doing so! Customize it in any color or with longer sleeves. 
Our best selling kaftan, in the perfect color for a mehndi party! We love this bright orange hue for this special occasion to match the marigolds of the party.  Check out our other kaftans as well.
Another great alternative to a traditional outfit is our Kira Dress. Made in India, this bright yellow dress is not only perfect for a mehndi but also for any occasion.  
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