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Guest Post: 'Tis the (Indian) Wedding Season

'Tis the (Indian) Wedding Season

By Anisha Yadav

Edited by Aanchal Khurana


I don’t know about you, but as soon as I get my first wedding invite of the season, I’m already planning my outfit for every event. I absolutely love Indian weddings. I mean, what is there not to love, right? From the colors and food to the songs and dancing -- it’s a mini festival in itself.


However, there is one caveat -- everyone ends up looking the same. Whether it’s styling outfits similarly or just shopping from the same designers, it can get monotonous. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Indian designers, and their clothes are beautiful, but as I am getting older and refining my own style, I like to show a bit of my personality through my outfits. I also have started to make comfort my top priority! Seriously, who wants to keep adjusting their blouse, chunni or sari in the middle of Sukhbir’s, ‘Ishq Tera Tarpave’ or Daler Mehendi’s, ‘Tunak Tunak’ (and if you don’t know these songs, I’ve linked the YouTube videos for you to watch!)


So, when I was looking for outfit inspiration online and came across KYNAH’s SS’18 collection, I fell in love. I absolutely love how diverse their pieces are and they have something for everyone. If you are like me and like to wear something that is unique, classy and commanding, you are in luck. I have picked some of my favorite looks from the catalogue:

1. The AMAL Outfit

This might be my favorite outfit of them all, but shhhhh, I didn’t say that!

The reason why I immediately gravitated towards this piece is because of how powerful, yet fuss-free, it is. Plus, I feel like Amal Clooney would approve! I love the dhoti pants and the slip dress inspired kurta. However, the star of the outfit is the cape; it has pearl detailing to bring the right amount of BLING required for an Indian wedding. Also, if you let one side hang around your elbow, it could pass off as a dupatta.

2. The SUSIE Outfit

There are some weddings where I can only stop by the reception for a couple of hours. Or sometimes you want to keep it simple and wear something that doesn’t look like you fell in a pot of glitter and sequins. This is that outfit! The pink peplum top brings a relaxed look and is complemented with straight cropped pants, which bring just the right amount of structure. Pair them with statement chand bali earrings, a gold clutch and some juttis (comfort) or heels, and you are ready!

3. The VICTORIA Lengha

I am into bright colors lately and hence I decided to go with this particular piece, because I like how simple and vibrant this lehenga is. Some outfits are meant to be accessorized and this is one of them. Pair this with contrasting pink glass bangles for a more saturated and dynamic look. Oh, and if you are really in the mood, add a small round bindi to complete the outfit. Now you are ready to dance the night away!

4. The CHANDNI Lengha

The word chandni translates to moonlight, and what an appropriate name for this lehenga. This off-white outfit stole my heart the moment I saw it, but this lehenga could be in any color and I would still love it. The fully embroidered, armor inspired blouse with an open back is truly the focal point of this outfit. The simple lehenga balances the blouse, and the embroidered belt ties it all together. It has the perfect amount of glamour, softness and comfort. Can it be mine already?

I think I am ready for the wedding season, and this list has something for everybody. Which one is your favorite? Let me know!