December 27, 2021
Category: Reception

An Ann Arbor Love Story

With a romantic proposal under the lights in an Ann Arbor gazebo, surrounded by loved ones, Sruthi Sathyakumar went on to celebrate her nuptials in a custom Mirai Lehenga. The KYNAH team was thrilled to bring Sruthi’s vision to life by matching her husband’s outfit. We wish these newly weds a lifetime of love, success and growth together! Congratulations!

How was your experience with KYNAH?
My experience with KYNAH was amazing. I was a COVID bride and my trip to India to get everything together was canceled so I was panicking about having to do all of my shopping online. Aisha was very kind and responsive and helped me create my custom design and worked with the designer to get me sketches and color swatches. She was also able to get the outfits for my sister as well so it was such a relief during those crazy times.
Sruthi Sathyakumar in Seema Gujral’s Mirai Lehenga

What was it about your custom Mirai Lehenga that made you say “Yes!”?
What made me say yes was really the collaboration between us and the ability to bring my vision to life! After I saw the sketch, I felt very comfortable with KYNAH and I trusted you all to make it happen! I loved the existing pattern but I wanted it to have more florals and some custom colors that included burgundy. I was able to see this come to life and I got to see the combination of colors in a swatch that I got sent over.
Sruthi Sathyakumar in Seema Gujral’s Mirai Lehenga

How did you add your personal touch to you and your husband’s big day?
Our personal touch to our day was that we wanted to be cohesive but not too matching, so we worked with the swatch I had and designed his outfit from that. This was really important to us because it reflects our relationship and the importance of independence and being our own person while complimenting the other!
Sruthi Sathyakumar in Seema Gujral’s Mirai Lehenga

How did he propose?
We both went to the University of Michigan for undergrad, but went to different medical schools. One of his friends from medical school loves to cook and had invited us to a 'fancy friendsgiving'. So we got all dressed up and drove into Ann Arbor, on our drive through the city we were reminiscing about all our memories from college and it was the perfect lead up. There is a gazebo close to his apartment that his family had gone and put up a lot of lights and decorated. He got down on one need there and proposed. All of our friends and family came out and celebrated with us after - it was perfect!
Sruthi Sathyakumar in Seema Gujral’s Mirai Lehenga

If you could’ve invited one celebrity to your wedding, who would it have been?
There are so many good ones! I'm gonna go with Emma Watson, she is intelligent, kinda, feminist, and her work for gender equality is amazing! Not to mention, shes Hermione. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I think that would be awesome.
Sruthi Sathyakumar in Seema Gujral’s Mirai Lehenga

Photographer: Sky Films

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